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Rendel Trailer German Deutsch (Fi, OT: Rendel Trailer) Abonniere uns! But, as blood spills and the money burns, VALA recruits a group of mercenaries rendel film to do what others seemingly can’t: eliminate Rendel permanently. What rendel film is Rendel movie? Whilst the special effects are quite good, the film is spoiled by rather formula acting/ standard fight scenes/ stereotypical bad guys rendel and gals and the absence of a comprehensible plot which is filmed largely inside a gloomy factory premises, Rendel himself an unconvincing ‘Batman’ clone. Rendel, also known as Rendel: Dark Vengeance is a Finnish superhero film written, produced and directed by Jesse Haaja. The rest of the rendel film cast includes Alina Tomnikov, Tero Salenius,.

Rendel, a rendel film masked superhero, rendel film becomes blinded rendel film by rendel film his desire for revenge against a sinister criminal organization. · Rendel unleashes his own special kind of hell against VALA, threatening to put an end the rendel film distribution of Nh25 As blood spills and the money burns, VALA recruits a rendel film group of mercenaries to do what they seemingly can’t, eliminate Rendel permanently. 77,189 likes · 15 talking about this. One devastating hit after another, the dark avenger destroys both criminals and the equipment needed to run the criminal empire. From the mind of visionary writer-director Jesse Haaja, comes the very first full-length superhero film from Finland.

We want to make the film look more massive and feel more intense by using the best technology rendel available, including advanced special effects (SFX) and visual rendel film effects (VFX). · Fans of Marvel’s grittier street level heroes will love the Finnish superhero movie, Rendel: Dark rendel film Vengeance. Credits Director:. · I’d mention negatives here usually, but man. Lead roles are played by Kris Gummerus, Matti Onnismaa, Rami Rusinen and Renne Korppila.

As you come to realize the horror perpetrated on RENDEL you see why he is so driven for revenge. Rendel is a film directed by Jesse Haaja with Bianca Bradey, Sheila rendel film Shah, Kristofer Gummerus, Johnny Vivash. The film, directed by Jesse Haaja and starring Kris Gummeris as the titular antihero, was released in in its home country of Finland and in early here in the U. The first superhero film from Finland, RENDEL, is based on the comic book character created by Jesse Haaja. Ungefähr zur 75 Minute hab ich rendel es innerlich aufgegeben, irgendwas in den Film und seinen Helden hinein zu interpretieren, denn außer "cool", brachial und stumm in seinen Lederklamotten die Fußsoldaten der bös-kapitalistischen Organisation mit Weltveränderungsanspruch (wie genau, das muss ich mir dann auch noch selber zusammenreimen, denn da hält man sich rendel film erklärungstechnisch bedeckt und. With Kristofer Gummerus, Sean Cronin, Bruce Payne, Minna Nevanoja. The beginning of the story goes way back to the Director Jesse Haaja’s schoolboy years.

als DVD, Blu-Ray & Digital! When he gets that revenge it is thoroughly satisfying. They give his backstory in bits and pieces as the story unfolds. Rated NR · 1 hr 45 min · Action, Fantasy. Film festivals, art fairs, rendel film design days and. The first superhero film from Finland, RENDEL, is based on the comic book character created by director, Jesse Haaja.

But, as blood spills and the money burns, VALA recruits a group of mercenaries to do what others seemingly can&39;t: eliminate Rendel permanently. Rendel is a Finnish superhero film written, produced and directed by Jesse Haaja. It’s the first Finnish superhero film. It’s just a shame that it’s not a better movie. There are no featured audience reviews for Rendel: Dark Vengeance at this time. Rendel personaje rendel film rendel film creado por el director de la cinta, Jesse Haaja, nos muestra la historia de un hombre lleno de odio y rencor que busca vengarse luego de que su rendel mujer y su hija fueran asesinadas por la mafia finlandesa, la cual está representada en una farmacéutica transnacional.

I give Rendel an A for effort. Who said that there are no masked avengers in Finland? What are the reviews for Rendel Dark Vengeance? Film Rendel je příběh o muži, který je zaslepený nenávistí a touhou po pomstě.

The first superhero film from Finland, RENDEL, is based on the comic book character created by. · Rendel unleashes his own special kind of hell against VALA, threatening to put an end the distribution of the vaccine. See more results. A masked vigilante named Rendel wages war against rendel VALA, a sinister global corporation that won&39;t stop at murder to silence its foes. Rendel 7 Film d&39;action de Jesse Haaja () Avec : Kristofer Gummerus, Matti Onnismaa, Johnny Vivash, Alina Tomnikov, Rami Rusinen, Bianca Bradey, Sheila Shah, Renne Korppila. This is a valuable rendel film distinction to have, for sure. The percentage of users who rated this 3. Despite being dubbed this film has a great musical soundtrack and great audio.

Rendel: Dark Vengeance. More Rendel Film images. Rendel unleashes his own special kind of hell against VALA, threatening to put an end the distribution of the vaccine.

If an internal link intending to refer to a specific person led you rendel film to this page, you may wish to change that link by adding rendel film the person&39;s rendel film given name(s) to the link. Rap artist Rendel explains why Dubai’s already exciting entertainment industry is ready for more, and how he takes musical inspiration from the city. · Rendel.

Directed by Jesse Haaja. Who is the cast of Rendel? The hyper violence and silent brutality of the hero is refreshing midst a plethora of spandex wearing, monologue spouting superheros from traditional films of the. Is rendel fan fiction?

For all the jokes and chuckles I’m getting from the film, Rendel: Dark Vengeance is surprisingly fun for a low budget film that almost feels like it was a fan film of some sort. The film is based on Haaja&39;s self-created character, Rendel. Rendel, a Finnish superhero film; Rendell; This page lists people with the surname Rendel. ly/mpTrailer VÖ: 24. The film cross-cuts between two stories: the masked killer Rendel and his impossibly graceful blond sidekick taking out the gang (led by a creep named Rotikka and his musclebound partner), and. seriously, thank you Jesse Haaja for shaking the stale superhero genre up (now, how about getting this cat a Punisher episode to direct)! A dark avenger is born when a corporation known as VALA launches an untested vaccine into the market by bribing, threatening, and killing every official in opposition. &39;When &39;Smiley&39; - &39;Christoper Cox&39; takes over the &39;Vala Drug Corporation&39; in the long shadow of his late grandfather &39;Edward Cox&39; a masked vigilante, &39;Rendel&39;, takes revenge for the murder of his family&39;.

It is the very first rendel film full-length superhero film from Finland, and introduces world rendel film a completely new superhero Rendel. Even though Rendel can be considered as a super hero, he is somewhat darker than the traditional representatives of the genre. The movie takes place in the fictionalized version of a Finnish city, Mikkeli. Here’s what’s good about it. I just loved this film to was a visual, action-packed delight that hit me like Rendel’s fists straight to my eyeballs! The film opens with narration as Rendel (Kristofer Gummerus) tells rendel film us he is the "line between good and evil. Rendel’s way to the big screen has been long, but certain. · The Rendel rendel movie is a story of a man blinded by his desire for revenge and hatred.

" The story has a plot rendel film of Rendel going after the evil pharmaceutical company VALA, testing its NH 25 vaccine on "innocent children" outside of Europe which hasn&39;t approved the drug. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. The fight scenes are very well done.

Reparto: Kristofer Gummerus, Rami Rusinen, Bianca Bradey, Jesse. Finland’s first superhero film, Rendel is dystopian action/fantasy unlike anything ever witnessed Stateside. Rendel is a superhero action film with technically complex scenes that we want to carry out with high standards. Plot Summary | Add Synopsis. When a massive criminal organization takes over rendel film his town, a masked vigilante strikes back through a series of brutal attacks that leave blood spilled and cash ablaze.

Rendel is Batman/Punisher fan fiction in the same way that 50 Shades Of Grey was originally Twilight fan fiction: It takes one wish-fulfillment element of the source material and runs it into the ground in the most literal-minded way possible. Mesto, kjer so ulice mrzle, druge sence pa skrivajo ogabne nevarnosti. RENDEL is a Finnish superhero rendel film film to be released in. As Rendel challenges the faceless corporation, both the hero and horror’s masks begin to crack. - Film by - Film by Jesse Haaja.

A Finnish superhero, a masked vigilante Rendel seeks for revenge and fights against VALA, the huge criminal organization. Helpless against this guerrilla warfare, VALA hires international bounty hunters to strengthen its lines. Rendel is the the first superhero movie made in Finland. Film se odehrává ve rendel film fiktivním rendel film finském městě Mikkeli. Přestože můžeme Rendela rendel film vnímat jako klasického superhrdinu, je něčím temnějším než jaké jsou tradiční rysy jeho žánru.

rendel film More Rendel Film videos. 5 stars or higher. Synopsis: The Rendel movie will be rendel film a story of a man blinded by his desire for a revenge and rendel hatred. Action & adventure. Original rendel film title: Rendel. Film / Akcija, Finska 115 min | IMDB: 4,6 | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Mesto Mikkeli, zamrznjeni mračno mesto v bližnji finski prihodnosti. One thing this film did really well was keeping RENDEL&39;s identity and purpose a rendel film mystery through most of the film.

‎Rendel () directed by Jesse Haaja • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd. The film is shot mostly in Mikkeli in eastern Finland known as the “Gotham City of Finland” in cold and bad weather, which gives the film a natural, desaturated look.

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